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We are the first project on the Solana Blockchain that uses artificial intelligence to create NFTs. Bring your imagination to life in just a few seconds by typing a detailed description of what you want to see.
If you like your creation you can mint it as an NFT in a few more clicks.

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Our commitment to our users is reflected in our dedication to providing cutting-edge AI technology that is accessible to everyone. We believe in democratizing the NFT space and making it easier for creators to showcase their work to the world. This is why we are dedicated to mass-onboarding creators and users to our platform, providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed. Our goal is to empower creators and users alike, by giving them a seamless and secure way to create, trade, and own NFTs. At Procreation AI, we are committed to building a platform that puts our users at the center, and we will continue to innovate and improve to ensure that we provide the best experience possible.

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General Questions

What is Procreation AI?

Procreation AI is an artificial intelligence model that creates one-of-a-kind images from a user's text prompt. We created this model using a modified version of Stable Diffusion and integrated the ability to mint NFTs in just a few more clicks.

How do I use Procreation AI?

Start off by joining our Discord to gain access to the AI. Then, proceed to read the help docs, located here. Contact support if you need additional help.

What is the Solana Blockchain and how does it relate to Procreation AI?

The Solana Blockchain is a decentralized and scalable blockchain platform that supports the creation and transfer of NFTs. Procreation AI uses the Solana Blockchain to store and manage the NFTs that it generates, as well as to enable users to buy, sell, and trade their NFTs on the open market.

How does Procreation AI use artificial intelligence to generate NFTs?

Procreation AI uses advanced text to image AI algorithms to generate unique images based on the prompts or concepts provided by users. These algorithms are trained on a large dataset of images and text, and can automatically generate images that match the user's input and capture the essence of the prompt or concept. After the image is created, then we use Metaplex's Bubblegum Program to create the NFTs, which are then sent to you

Can I earn money by using Procreation AI?

Yes, you can earn money using Procreation AI in various ways. One way is by using our services to make your life easier or to produce content and resell it. Another great way to start earning money is by staking your NFT. As a gift for your patience and support, all of those who are actively staking their NFT can earn our token (which is what powers our AI). If you're a longterm staker then you have a 1% chance to win our weekly giveaway of 50% of our net income. For example: If 5,000 people are longterm staking, each week 1% or 50 of them will be randomly selected to win the prize.

Is there a limit to the number of NFTs that I can create using Procreation AI?

As long as you have enough of our token to mint NFTs, you can create however many you would like. If you're interested in releasing your own AI project, just open a ticket or send us an email and we'll guide you along the process.

NFT & Token Questions

When is the mint date?

Due to the instability and overall fear index of the general crypto market, we've been hesitant to release, causing annoying setbacks for all of us. But, we can assure you absolutely no later than end of May.

What is the total supply of the NFT collection?

Our total collection supply will consist of 5,000 unique 1/1 NFTs, which will act as an access pass to our tools and various benefits.

Is there a presale?

Yes, we will have a presale of 1,337 NFTs which will be priced at 1.337 Solana. An additional bonus to this that if you hold this, you will have a 13.37% better chance of being selected as a winner of the weekly jackpot.

What are the benefits of holding the NFT?

There are tons of benefits to holding our NFT! Some of the more notable benefits include unlimited access to our large language models, our AI-powered art generator & minter, the ability to use other cool tools we have planned for later You will be eligibile for to enter into our weekly giveaway that is 50% of our net income, distributed to a randomly selected 1% of longterm stakers. You will also receive premium alpha calls and other guides on how to make money using online resources.

Will there be a token/coin for Procreation AI??

Yes, we will follow a dual-token model that will consist of a governance token and a payment token. The governance token can be exchanged for the payment token at a 1:10 ratio. The payment token will, as it's name suggests, be used for payment to the AI itself. More information regarding token allocation, supply, and utility can be viewed at