Introducing our Tri-phase Roadmap

The roadmap we have created for our project is designed to provide an outline of the releases we plan to make. However, we recognize that the nature of our work is dynamic and therefore subject to change. As such, we will adapt to any situation in a professional manner. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and versatile set of tools that will be released in a carefully managed and articulate manner. We have divided this release roadmap into three phases, and we will continue to incorporate the steps outlined in each phase into all of our future releases. We are committed to an ongoing process of improvement and evolution, and this roadmap serves as a framework for our continued development.



  • Defining Procreation AI

    Procreation AI aims to provide AI tools like image generation, speech synthesis, and chatbots to the masses by offering fair and affordable pricing to all.

  • Our First Product

    We built our first product, which is a Discord bot that uses AI to creates NFTs with more features added over time.

  • Marketing Strategy

    In order for our project to be a success, we implemented a carefully crafted and adaptable marketing strategy that is low-cost and inclusive of Web2 and Web3.

  • Financial Planning

    We didn't want to just throw money at a project and let money do the work. We wanted to craft every single aspect of it to make it truly mean something to us.

  • Operational Security

    Definitely the most important part of our plan is how we align everything to work in tandem, this remains an ongoing process and always will.

  • Risk Assessment & Management

    What kind of people would we be if we didn't assess our risks and have well thought-out plans to manage them? Poor OPSEC is never good in anything you do.

  • Team Delegation

    After covering most of what is needed to actually start a project, we must delegate our core team into managing parts of the project they would excel best in.

  • Seek Advisors

    In order to make this project truly last, we found individuals to mentor us along the way and provide non-bias viewpoints to keep ourselves in check.

  • Reviewing & Refining the Plan

    After reviewing and refining our plan, we realized that this wasn't going to be a walk in the park. There's no true order in which things must be done except during launch. Our plans and methods are always changing, but luckily we're versatile and must always adopt new methods.


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@Rentii_NFT - 04 Apr, 2023

Exciting news! We're partnering with @Procreation to explore the power of AI and blockchain. Together, we'll revolutionize the Rent experience and unlock the true potential of Al-powered NFTs. Stay tuned for more updates! #Rentii #ProcreationAI #AI #Blockchain #NFTs

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@Andhay_ - 28 Mar, 2023

Created my profile picture and this picture with @Procreation.The AI generates whatever you input! #ProcreationAI #StableDiffusion

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